Test Review - Chapters 1 - 4

This study guide follows the learning objectives from each week. Good luck.

Chapter 1 - Cartography Today

  1. Differentiate between analog and digital cartography.
  2. Describe how the relationship between mapping and society in general is being changed by the technological revolution.
  3. Describe the 2 important functions a map has served in the science of cartography.
  4. List the 2 distinct products that have satifsy each of the 2 functions of a map.
  5. Compare the role of the cartographer of past compared to now and the future.

Chapter 2 - Nature of Cartography

  1. Describe how cartography fits into our endeavor to know and communicate
  2. List the basic characteristics all maps share
  3. Describe several objectives of maps
  4. Define general reference map
  5. Defne thematic maps
  6. Define charts
  7. Describe the series of transformations that occur during the cartographic process.

Chapter 3 - History of Cartography

  1. Describe some of the earliest know maps.
  2. Describe how geometry affected mapping
  3. Describe how the dark ages affected cartography and mapping
  4. Describe how the enlightenment affected cartography and mapping
  5. Describe how the concept of distribution affected cartography
  6. Describe how the concept systems/ecological thinking affected cartography
  7. Describe the major technological advances that changed cartography
Chapter 4 - Basic Geodesy
  1. Define geodesy
  2. Discuss some of the early approximations of the earth's shape and size
  3. Describe geographic coordinate systems
  4. Identify important lines of latitude and longitude
  5. Define datums and list several
  6. List the 3 ever more accurate approximations of the earths shape and size
  7. Define ellipsoid
  8. Define geoid
  9. Describe the difference between grid/true north and magnetic north.
  10. Discuss how horizontal control evolved in the United States
  11. What is meant by the following statement: Units of measure are not uniform in the Geographic Coordinate System?

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