Lab Quiz

For this lab quiz we will be working with ArcMap / ArcCatalog and the things we've discussed so far about spatial reference and map layout.

  1. Create a map document
  2. Create a geodatabase and a feature class
  3. Digitize features (only a few to demonstrate competence)
  4. Georeference an image
  5. Define the projection of a layer
  6. Symbolize based on qualitative values (categories/unique values)
  7. Create and print a map with all required map elements

Create and print a map on 8.5'' x 11'' paper including all map elements we have discussed.


Data -
  • Data sources: The data will be provided and/or downloaded from the internet.
  • Spatial Reference information: All data WILL NOT be in the same coordinate system. You will have to determine projections and define projections using the software in order for the layers to properly overlay.
Map -
  • Symbology: You will symbolize at least one layer using qualitative values found in the attribute table.
  • Labels: You will label one layer based on the attribute value I specify.
Locator Map - You will have a locator map.

Map Elements -
  • Neatline
  • North Arrow
  • Scale
  • Legend
  • Title
  • Author / Date
  • Other text ...
  • Am I leaving any thing out?

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