Creating data


Lecture: Chapter 6 - Map Layout

Lab: We will be building on our georeferncing exercise from last week in this exercise. Now that we have the trail map georeferenced, we will use it to create a vector layer of the trails complete with attribute information.


  • Computer Skills
  1. Create a Geodatabase
  2. Create a feature class
  3. design an attribute table (database)
  4. Create fields to store attributes
  5. Digitize line features (trails)
  6. Update attributes
  • From the book
  1. List what map layout consists of
  2. Describe the pieces of a map
  3. Describe the important aspects of how a reader naturally focuses on a map
  4. Evaluate the overall balance of a map
  5. Describe how the grid enforces the stability of map layout

  • geodatabase
  • feature class
  • attribute table
  • digitize
  • map layout
  • map pieces
  • title
  • legend
  • scale
  • explanatory text
  • directional indicator
  • inset
  • locator map
  • visual center
  • symmetrical balance
  • asymmetrical balance



Before you start... answer the following questions. Write them down on a piece of paper or put them in a text document and save them to the folder for this work.

  1. What is the coordinate system that your new trails data will be in?
  2. What are the attributes that you hope to collect and store with each trail? See this map and the table in the upper left corner for attributes to store with the trails.

Getting started ...

  1. Open ArcCatalog and connect to the folder created for BentCreek and our georeferencing exercise last class
  2. Create a new File Geodatabase in this folder. Name it something that makes sense. How do I do this?
  3. Create a new feature class for storing Trails information and assign it the appropriate geometry, Spatial Reference and attributes. How do I do this?
  4. Open your map document from the last exercise (the one with the georeferenced trail map) and add your new trails feature class to the data frame.
  5. Start editing and digitize all the trails, filling in attributes as you go.

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