Class 1 - Introductions and getting started ...

  1. Class introductions and expectations
  2. Review syllabus and course requirements
  3. Review of GIS 111 - Introduction to GIS course outcomes
  4. Review basics of ArcGIS including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox licensing options and more ...
  5. Create a Google Account (http://mail.google.com/) - RIGHT DOWN YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD
  6. Create a blog (http://www.blogger.com/) to document course work. Blogger is owned by Google so you will use your new Google Account to log in to blogger.
  7. Download GIS data from the internet
  8. Perform basic GIS analysis, geoprocessing and queries
  9. Generate a map using ArcMap


The NC Geological Survey has been investigating a landslide at the Blue Ridge Motel in Asheville. They have found the landslide area to be unstable and a threat to public health. They are working with you, the Buncombe County Public Health GIS Specialist to determine all people living within 1/2 mile of the landslide location.


  1. Go to the Buncombe County, NC GIS site (search Google for Buncombe + GIS to find the site)
  2. Explore the site to find the different GIS-based services they provide.
  3. Create a folder structure for ths work. You will be working on several projects this semester so you may wish to create a /GIS121 folder and then create subfolders with in the GIS121 folder for each project we do this semester. REMEMBER - good file management is of most importance when doing GIS work. Take the time and make the effort to manage your data well. ALSO REMEMBER - in the world of GIS, we never use spaces in file or folder names!
  4. Go to the 'download digital data' area and download the following layers: Parcels, Street Centerlines, and Landslides. Put these in your folder for this work.
  5. Unzip them all - Do not create a new folder for each layer. Put them all in one folder - did I mention how important file management is?
  6. Create a 1/2 mile buffer around the Blue Ridge Motel landslide location.
  7. Select all parcels within the buffer
  8. Export parcels within 1/2 mile of the landslide to a new layer
  9. Create a map showing this information
  10. How many parcels have the potential to be affected by the landslide?


For next week (8/29/07)

Elements of Cartography - Chapters 1,2,3 (yes... all 3. Chapter 1 is very short and Chapter 2 is not long either)

What does the word 'map' mean to you? - Spatial Sustain

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