Final Project - Bike Routes Map

  1. Get the bike routes layer with names included in the attribute table HERE
  2. Get the document outlining the changes in suitability HERE
  3. Get the new bike route information HERE ftp://www.ashevillenc.gov/Engineering/GIS_Services/BicycleDataCurrentlyonFile.zip
Use this class to compare and contrast the Bike Routes layer you downloaded from DOT and the Bike Routes layer from the FTP site above. Also, look at the bike routes layer from the city. Below is the email describing the data.

'This was a shotgun approach...But in addition to the NCDOT Bike Routes....Our planners received some GIS files as part of the deliverables stemming from the 2008 Comprehensive Bike Plan.  I don't know whether ya'll had the intention of working with this data or not (?)...But, I included it nevertheless (its public info).  I need to point out that the Comp Bike Plan GIS files (from a consultant) had some issues that were communicated to our planners which, though minor, we had hoped would be addressed.....As time went on....a final deliverable appeared in generally the same condition........So,...We started the corrections process ourselves (though unfinished) and have revised some of the centerline references in the .mdb with "Revised" in the title (there were (and are) some missing segments and topology issues, also the original "RECOMMENDA" field was truncated by the consultants at some point, ETC....).  Anyway, if in working with Claudia...you end up building some really useful information for the community - My one-kneed-plea would be to keep all of your information associated with segment-specific Buncombe County Street Centerline Id's (whether through a related table, linear referencing, etc).......This would allow the information to be passed back up through CoA, Buncombe County, even NCDOT eventually (ISRN) if needed. '

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