Module 1


Welcome to GIS 121 - Georeferencing and Mapping. Spend some time exploring this class blog and make sure you understand the layout of the class and what is expected of you. To start, make sure you understand:
  • the syllabus
  • the tentative schedule
  • how you will be graded
  • describe graphic communication
  • describe the essentials of designing a good map
  • describe several ways audience might influence map design
  • list several ways a map may be produced and displayed
  • list 10 common map elements
  • describe how visual hierarchy influences map design
  • describe how map projections may influence map design
  • create a blog
  • create a post on a blog
DISCUSSION - Chapter 1 - Making Maps

Printable PDF of lecture

Active Learning Exercise:
Compete the following in class on Tuesday, January 18th

ESRI Virtual Campus Course: Cartographic Design Using ArcGIS 9

How to access this course:
  1. Go to http://training.esri.com
  2. Select 'Login' on the right
  3. Login to the site (if not automatically logged in after creating account)
  4. Choose My Course, My Virtual Campus Courses
  5. Choose Start a New Course
  6. Enter Course Access Code sent to each student's email and press go
  7. Complete Module 1 before class on January 20th.
  8. Also, complete Homework below before class on January 2oth.

Due in class Thursday, January 20th
  1. Create a blog at http://www.blogger.com
  2. Complete one post on the blog. This post needs to be something about the first class ... assignment or lab.
  3. Add one 'gadget' to your blog.
  4. Explore my GIS Certificate blog at http://geospatialtechnology.blogspot.com ... scroll down 2 posts to see the certificate information.

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