Test 2 Review

Class 05 - Scale, Reference and Coordinate Systems:
  1. Define map scale
  2. List and describe several ways of expressing scale on a map
  3. Discuss how scale factor influences scale
  4. List several common reference systems
  5. Describe why coordinate systems are used on maps
  6. Describe the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)coordinate system
  7. Describe the State Plane (SPC) Coordinate System

Class 06

  1. Discuss topology and the importance of coincident features within and between layers. Review Class 06 - Editing, Geoprocessing and building topologically correct data

Class 07 - Labels and Annotation

  1. Compare and contrast labels and annotation - see working with text on map
  2. Also, see the powerpoint from THIS POST

Class 08 - Cartographic Design

  1. Define the objectives of map design
  2. Compare and contrast general reference and thematic maps
  3. Describe the design process
  4. Describe the basic graphic elements
  5. Describe the primary visual variables
  6. Describe the secondary visual variables
  7. Describe how graphic communication principles related to cartographic design
  8. Discuss several design principles such as legibility, visibility, visual contrast and figure-ground organization
  9. Discuss how hierarchical organization is used in cartographic design
  10. Discuss the controls on map design

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