Test 1 and Playing with projections in ArcMap

    First: Test on Chapters 1 - 4: MakingMaps
    Second: Playing with projections - see below.

  1. Open ArcMap

  2. Add the WorldMap data from the C:\ drive ==> C:\ArcGIS\Data_Maps\Data & Maps\world\World Map.lyr

  3. Explore the coordinate system of the layer and the data frame. HowTo? Right-click the data frame and then look at the Coordinate System tab.

  4. What is the coordinate system of the data and data frame?

  5. How did the data frame get this coordinate system?

  6. Explore some other coordinate systems by changing the coordinate system of the data frame. HowTo? Under the Coordinate System tab of the Data Frame Properties ==> Predefined - explore some Geographic Coordinate Systems first (for the entire world) and some Projected Coordinate Systems second (for the entire world).

  7. Export the Projected Coordinate System you like the most to an image and upload it to your blog - along with the answer to the questions from 4 and 5 above.

  8. Save your map document to your flash drive!!

Below is a projection I like called 'Vertical Perspective'.

This one is called 'cubed'.

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