Class 6

TEST NEXT THURSDAY - June 14th, 2007 - Chapters 1 -4 - Making Maps. We will review next Tuesday.


  • Lecture on Chapter 4 - MakingMaps

  • Blogs up to date? ClusterMaps

  • Assignment

VideoCast of Lecture:

Lab Assignment: Find 3 layers of 'mappable data' to add to your Henderson County map. Although we have talked about many other types of mappable data than the ESRI world of shapefiles and geodatabases, the data you find for this exercise will be much easier to use if it is in one of those common formats easily read by ArcGIS.

The details: Read through all the directions before starting.

PART 1 - Download mappable data

  1. Go to http://www.google.com
  2. Search on several keywords of interest to you. Look for data that is of interest to you. Make sure you include in your searches things like gis, shapefile, download ... some searches I used that you might want to try included:
    census shapefile / epa gis site / forest service gis / nc survey monuments gis

  3. You are to get 3 layers for your Henderson County Map. One of these layers MUST BE CENSUS DATA SHOWING POPULATION. The other 2 are up to you!
  4. Put these new layers (shapefiles) in the folder you have been working from for your Henderson County map
  5. Add the layers to your map document and symbolize/label as you see fit.
  6. Make sure to save your map document!
  7. Export your map with new layers to an image (.jpg). How do I do that? Layout View ==> File Drop-Down ==> Export Map. Make sure to put the exported map (.jpg) in your folder for the Henderson County work.
  8. Create a post on your blog describing the mappable data you found and what challenges you faced getting the data and adding it to your map.
  9. Insert the exported image of your map into your blog post. HINT: 'The add image' is on the top toolbar right above the post when you are creating it. Click it to add an image to your post!

PART 2: - Hand-Drawn Map

Draw me a map by hand of your drive from your house to AB Tech. Forget everything you've learned about GIS and making maps. Just draw me a map of how you get to school.

*** Have both of these done by next Tuesday.

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